Azure Hexagon Biodegradable Glitter


Azure Hexagon Biodegradable Glitter

A bold azure blue chunky hexagon glitter.

Our large Azure Hexagon glitter flakes are approximately 2mm and can be layered onto a wet layer of nail polish or place into a thin wet layer of gel before curing. Seal with a Gel Effect Top Coat for longer-lasting wear and shine.

Our silky soft biodegradable glitters can be applied to nails, face & body for a standout look.

Created using a biodegradable film derived from trees (mainly Eucalyptus), this unique film is made from sustainable raw materials that are sourced using environmentally friendly means.

  • Compatible with most systems
  • Can be applied on top of polish or gel
  • Cosmetic graded
  • Easy to use
  • Texture: Chunky, 2mm hexagon flakes
  • Size: 6g pot

How To Apply

Glitter Nails

After applying your choice of colour, apply a good layer of Gel Effect Top Coat to your nails, making sure the application is even so the glitter sticks to the whole nail. Then, either sprinkle the loose glitter over the top, or dip your finger into the pot, rolling from side to side and tap finger to remove excess glitter. Allow to dry before sealing in with another layer of Gel Effect Top Coat or leave unsealed for a textured look.

Face & Hair

Dr PAWPAW Original Balm is the perfect partner to our cosmetic graded glitters. Apply to face or hair in the areas you want to add some glitz to, then dab the loose glitter onto those areas. If adding glitter to your parting, apply a little bit of Dr PAWPAW along the parting before lightly sprinkling glitter on top for festival fun hair.


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