Violet Unicorn Chrome Pigment


Violet Unicorn

Violet Unicorn Chrome has a metallic violet finish with blue sheen when layered over black.

Our rainbow chrome pigments in Blue, Pink, Violet and Green will offer a high shine look in a variety of colours depending on the base colour. When using over a base of white, only use a small amount of pigment to create a pearl-like sheen and allow the base colour to shine through slightly (using too much pigment might cause the nails to have a yellow tint).

Create nails that are out of this world with Unicorn Rainbow Chrome Pigments! These chromes will look different over any colour, so you will be sure to have fun experimenting to create different looks! 

Also Available: Pink Unicorn Chrome, Green Unicorn Chrome and Blue Unicorn Chrome.

  • Unicorn/ Rainbow chrome pigments
  • Apply on top of any base colour
  • Easy to use
  • Apply with a sponge applicator for best results
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Texture: pigment

How To Apply:

  1. Apply chosen base colour and apply two layers.
  2. Apply Touch & Go No Wipe Top Coat on top of the sticky layer of colour and cure for 90 seconds under a LED Lamp
  3. Use a sponge applicator and pick up a very small amount of pigment. Burnish onto the surface of the nail using a sponge applicator. If the application looks patchy, pick up a bit more pigment and repeat the process. Be sure to remove all loose pigment with a fluffy brush before proceeding to Step 4.
  4. Seal with No Wipe Top Coat and cure. We recommend capping over and under the free edge and sides for chip-free chrome.


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