Welcome to the world of iZ Beauty of London, the edgy, innovative and long lasting beauty brand that is committed to creating unique, professional products.

iZ Beauty of London Nail Art

Founded by an expert in the nail industry, iZ Beauty is was created to bring professional quality nail art products to nailfantics everywhere.

Our Deco iT nail decals are heavily influenced by the hottest catwalk trends and seasonal events. All our nail art ranges are designed to be used by professionals and self-confessed nail art fans – our nail products are all long-lasting and of the best quality! Seen a celebrity manicure you love? Chances are you can recreate it using a selection of iZ Beauty of London nail art. Prefer free-hand nail designs? Try our INK iT nail art pens for some serious attention to detail.

Our other ranges including genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones for some serious bling, nail art glitter powders and a huge range of nail studs in a variety of colours and sizes. Looking for something to stand out from the crowd? Shop our 3D nail art studs and nail charms.

iZ Loves: Christian Faye Beauty

We are proud to host Christian Faye Beauty products- with a huge professional fan base, Christian Faye offers 24hr eyebrow and makeup products. The top-selling product of the range is the unique eyebrow product which truly is a revolutionary brow product that helps you to create perfect shaped eyebrows in just seconds!

Christian Faye's unique clay based formula is one you can rely on; 24 hour staying power will give you long-lasting brows that will survive work, the weekend, the gym and long lazy days at the beach.

Looking for some party strip lashes? We have a selection from soft and flirty to full on flutter lashes. Link those lids with a long-lasting eyeliner pencil that doubles up as brow pencil for high definition eyebrows. Also available are some seriously pigments eye shadow quads to create the perfect smoky-eye- getting ready has never been as easy as it is with Christian Faye Beauty.